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What exactly is Stock Horse Show Source?

It is YOUR premier source for helpful and regularly updated equine showing and keeping information.

Whether you are just getting started with horses or have grown up in a barn, there is always more to learn.


Success in the show ring means different things to different riders

For some it is winning the class and for others it is simply keeping one leg on each side.

"it would have been helpful to have an all-in-one resource to help me through those early years"

Competition in the ring can be intimidating for any level rider. Even more so if your riding career begins as an adult.

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I began riding as a child, participating in 4-H events and youth classes on a couple of breed circuits. After only two years I gave it up to become involved in other school activities.

It wasn't until I was a young adult that I made my first horse purchase and headed back to the show ring. I quickly found out that I had much more to learn than I expected and proceeded to learn by making many mistakes.

Now many years later I look back and realize that it would have been helpful to have an all-in-one resource to help me through those early years.

Stock Horse Show Source does just that!

In my experience, the equine world comes complete with a huge learning curve. Our website offers advice for those just getting started. It also includes equine news, tips, and updated information for the veteran competitor.

So what are YOU looking for in YOUR show experience?

Unlike the multitude of other equine related websites out there, we offer show information from the shoes of someone who has walked the long road of learning. Avoid some major pitfalls and enjoy your horse show experience.

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