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Horse jobs are available in a variety of fields and specialties. Requirements for each job type also varies based on experience and level of training or education.

Have you been dreaming of working in the equine industry but aren't sure which career would be right for you? If you have had a lifelong love of horses, then maybe a job working with horses would be a great option to consider.

Jobs range from veterinary medicine to training to general farm work. Finding the right horse job to suit you is very important. If you are considering a job in the horse industry I highly recommend doing your own research at home. The more you understand about what each job requires, the better choices you will be able to make about which horse job is right for you.

horse-jobs1Veterinary Science

Working in the veterinary field is one of the most common choices for those getting into the horse industry. There is a need for qualified equine health care professionals. Horse jobs in the veterinary field usually include working as a veterinarian or a veterinary technician. To work under either job title you are required to have some educational training and experience.

To become a veterinarian working with horses you will have to plan on committing to at least 8 years of college. Vet school programs are graduate school programs lasting 4 years in length, following the completion of an undergraduate degree. There are some instances where you can be granted early entrance into a veterinary graduate program, but it depends on which school you are attending.

Veterinary technicians work under the direction and supervision of the veterinarian. There are a variety of training programs available that range from certification programs to 4 year degrees from universities.

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You can also seek a career specializing in the dental field. An equine dentist is specialized to work with a horse's teeth. They offer services from basic teeth floating to surgeries to even cosmetic procedures. Dentistry is a veterinary specialty and you will also have to go through an accredited veterinary medicine program.


Another horse job option is to work as a farrier. In this field you specialize in trimming feet, making shoes, and setting shoes. It is a field that will always be in demand because every horse needs to see a farrier. There are school training programs to become a farrier and I also recommend spending some time with a one to get a real experience.


Since many horse owners have horses to ride and show, there is a need for training horses and riders. A horse trainer has many options open as to which discipline they have experience in for training. There are pleasure horse trainers (western pleasure, hunter under saddle), reining horse trainers, cutting horse trainers, and jumping horse trainers.

There are college programs you can look into for becoming a trainer. I do have to say that not all of the best trainers in the country learned their skills in college. A lot of trainers have a lifetime of experience to offer their clients.


There is an emerging field in the equine industry targeting therapeutic treatments for injuries and disease. In this field a common job is to offer horse massage services. Just as a massage therapist works with people, a career in equine massage provides a similar service to horses.

There are other options in the equine therapy field for horses including chiropractic care, acupuncture, and physical therapy.

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