Horse Pedigree

What To Look For & How To Search

A little horse pedigree research can tell you a lot about the horse in your pasture or a horse you are considering purchasing.

If you are new to understanding bloodlines and pedigree names, this article may be very helpful to get you started.

Knowing what to look for and how to go about a pedigree search can be valuable for many situations. If you are considering breeding a horse you really want to know the pedigree you are considering breeding into to ensure quality and functionality of the resulting foal.

What You Can Learn

horse-pedigree1Taking some time to conduct a horse pedigree search can tell you a lot. For example, if you are considering purchasing a horse for showing or potentially breeding, a look at the horse pedigree may help you make your decision.

If you are looking for a new show prospect, the pedigree can tell you the quality of the horse. If this horse has a bloodline full of top performing half brothers and sisters as well as a top performing sire or dam, you have a better chance that this horse will be of higher quality than one with a pedigree full of unknowns.

Now this isn't always a guarantee because there are high performing show horses with unknown bloodlines as well as those with the best breeding that don't quite measure up in the show ring.

A horse pedigree can also tell you if a horse is more likely at risk for inherited genetic defects. For example, horses with Impressive (AQHA) bloodlines are at risk for being HYPP (hyperkalemic periodic paralysis) positive.

A proper bloodline search can tell you if you need to get more information or testing on a horse you already own or may purchase.

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How To Look Up A Pedigree

Looking up horse pedigree information has never been easier. These days you can look up a pedigree by a simple click of the mouse. There are many websites available for you to choose from.

A simple search engine keyword search will give you a couple to start with. Once you find an easy pedigree search site, simply type in the registered name of the horse you are looking up.

The horse you are doing research on will likely have to be registered with a breed association in order to get bloodline information. Most equine pedigree sites won't be able to complete a bloodline search on a grade or unregistered horse.

If your horse is not registered, you could look up the sire or dam of that horse if either is registered and known to you. This will help you piece together your horse's family tree.

Another option to get more complete background information on your horse is to check through the breed association site. The American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) does give you access to information on your horse.

You may have to become a member or pay a small fee for this information but it can be invaluable knowledge to have. You can also look up previous performance records on your horse or the dam or sire of your horse.

This information can be extremely helpful if you are planning to breed or market your horse.

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