Horse Riding Pants

Easy Guide to English and Western

Horse riding pants are an important piece of clothing when riding.

When you are in the saddle you spend a large amount of time on your rear, at least you should, and should have the appropriate apparel to guarantee a comfortable ride.

When you are deciding what to wear the next time you head out for a ride, there are a couple things you should keep in mind. Below we will be addressing the different types of horse riding pants for work and show in both the english and western disciplines in riding.

Western Riding Pants

horse-riding-pantsWhen riding western, you may wear slightly different horse riding pants than if you were riding english. You may also wear something slightly different if you were in the show ring compared to your routine rides at the barn.

Work: For a typical ride around the barn, you can wear whatever you want as long as you are comfortable and safe. Jeans are the most commonly used type of pants. There are brands of jeans available that are made specifically for riding.

Jean made especially for horse riding are usually cut a little differently, meant to remain comfortable when on a horse. Some offer a little more elastic in the waste so they don't stretch out too much in the rear.

Show: The western horse riding pants you wear in the show ring are much different than what you would wear around the barn. However, it does depend on the class you show in.

If you are competing in games classes such as barrels or poles you will likely still wear jeans. However, if you are getting ready for your western pleasure or horsemanship class, you might need something a little different.

You likely have a pair of show chaps to wear and your riding pants should match the color of those chaps. You may luck out and find some off the rack at a tack shop or other store, but you may have to have them custom made to match your chaps and fit you correctly.

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English Riding Pants

When riding english, you will wear slightly different horse riding pants than if you were riding western. Again, you also may have a different pair of pants to wear around the barn compared to in the show ring.

Work: For your routine rides around the barn you may also choose to wear jeans. There are riding pants made for working in an english saddle, but not necessarily for show.

You can combine your pants with a pair of half chaps which offer extra grip and protection of the lower leg.

Show: When in the show ring you must wear a pair of breeches or more traditional horse riding pants. Commonly riders wear some sort of beige, tan, or cream color. You may see darker browns coming into the show ring, but this is a less traditional color to wear.

Remember you need to pair your breeches with tall black boots to maintain that traditional, classic look.

Final Advice

Bottom line, make sure that no matter the occasion for riding or the type of saddle you are riding in, make sure you are comfortable. You don't want to ride in pants that have a tendency to bunch on the inner part of your leg.

This can rub too much over your skin causing blisters and sores. You also don't want to ride in pants that are too tight. Tighter pants can cause you some difficulty getting on your horse and remaining comfortable when riding.

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