Horse Tack Box

How to Shop Smart and Where to Start

Searching for a horse tack box but having some difficulty? You aren't alone in your search. Everyday horse owners are trying to find a way to make life around the barn more simple and organized.

As horse owners, we tend to collect lots of horse related tack and equipment and we may or may not use it all. A tack box or trunk is a great way to get the important stuff organized in one place.

horse-tack-boxWith added organization it will be much easier to travel with your horse. Think about the amount of time you spend searching for all the equipment you need to take with you. If you have a central place to store this equipment all you need to do is load your tack box in the trailer and you're set.

Below we will be discussing the different types of horse tack boxes, the quality to shop for in a tack box, and some options from a few tack companies.

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Types Of Boxes

What do you think of when you picture a horse tack box? You may have a picture of a large wooden trunk that costs more than your show saddle. Well those tack trunks are available from many tack dealers.

There are more options that horse owners are taking advantage of and using for tack boxes. First we'll discuss the more common type of tack box.

A wooden tack trunk or box can easily be found and purchased online from a number of reputable dealers. Wooden tack trunks are made of different types of wood each of which may affect the overall price.

Wooden tack trunks can come large enough to hold your saddles and larger pieces of tack, or they can come in slightly smaller varieties.

Aside from wood options, you have other materials used in horse tack box construction such as vinyl or aluminum. There are also a variety of sizes and storage options to choose from.

There are many different types of smaller and more portable tack boxes which are typically used for smaller tack items. Some are made of various plastics while others are made of durable fabrics.

These smaller tote versions of the horse tack box can be very helpful for organizing your smaller items and offer more portability when traveling.

Shopping Tips

When picking out a type of horse tack box make sure you keep in mind what would work best for your needs. For example, if you travel a lot with your horse you may want something lighter in weight that is easier to transfer from the barn to the trailer and back to the barn again.

Look for tack boxes that offer the right storage options for you. For example, someone who trail rides will have a need to carry different equipment than someone who shows. Make sure the storage space in the tack box meets these needs.

Shop around and compare prices and opinions on particular products. Don't buy the first thing you see especially on the internet. When buying off the internet make sure you are positive in your purchase decision. It is harder to judge items you buy from the internet than those you buy in the store.

Good luck with you purchasing decision, now that you have found or at least have some idea of what you are looking for life with your horse just got a little simpler.

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