Used Horse Show Clothing
Champion Looks For Less

Used horse show clothing can be a wonderful alternative to buying brand new. Quality horse show clothes are always going to be more expensive the first time around.

There are advantages and disadvantages to buying used clothes. For example, when shopping used you may have less of a selection and less control over the merchandise you have to choose from.

It may also be more difficult to match the right color, especially if you are trying to match any color other than black. Even if you find the right color and style, it may not be the ideal fit.

With all these variables fresh in your mind is it still worth the hassle to shop for used horse show clothing? The answer to this question is really a matter of preference.used horse show clothing

The price differences between used horse show clothing and new can be significant. This alone can put your mind at ease before you head off to shop for your next horse show outfit.

Below we have put together a helpful guide to answer some of those initial questions and get you going!

Where to Shop?

The question that may be at the top of your mind is "where do I even start?" Well in order to begin shopping for used horse show clothing you do need to have a starting point or location.

You do have a couple options available for shopping. The internet or online world is one and offline sales are another. Your computer may be the best place to launch your search, especially if you aren't 100% set on what you want.

Use the internet to search and research what may work best for you and your horse. You will also get helpful pricing information.

Once you have something in mind of interest to you, your best bet is to shop around to find the best price. If you find something you really like online, make sure you check out a few other websites to compare quality and price.

If you are pretty confident in finding the right fit and color off the internet then your search may not go much farther than your computer. It may be wise to check if there is a return policy in case the color is off or it doesn't fit right.

If you purchase a piece of used horse show clothing from an auction site you may not have the option to return the item. Always shop with caution when looking on the internet for clothing. The last thing you want is to wind up with something you can't use.

If you are unsure about judging color and fit, you may want to also include a trip to your local tack shop. Give yourself the opportunity to try on some used horse show clothing. Get a sense of what fits and what doesn't, and what looks right on you and what doesn't.

Some tack shops offer used clothing on consignment which will also allow you the opportunity to try the clothing on before you decide about buying.

Community tack sales are a great place to find some used horse show clothing. Not only can you try on some of the clothes, you may also have the chance to bargain with the seller. Sometimes you can get clothes for slightly cheaper than the sticker price.

If you know of anyone who custom makes show clothing, you still have the possibility of finding something gently used. Someone who makes horse show clothing regularly may also have used pieces from other clients for sale.

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What About Fit?

When shopping for used horse show clothing fit is very important. Your clothing needs to fit correctly to make an overall clean picture. If you find an outfit that is too big it will hang oddly in different places. Outfits that are too large can draw attention by the extra movement of loose areas. On the other hand, clothing that is too tight or short will not work in your favor either. Shirts or pants that are too tight can also draw some unflattering attention to areas you may not want. They may also be very uncomfortable to show in. If you find the right piece of used horse show clothing with minor fitting problems, altering the clothing will help ensure a more tailored fit.

What Color?

Next to fit in horse show clothes, color also plays a role in the overall picture. The colors you choose should be flattering to both you and your horse. When it comes to your horse make sure you take into account your horse's base coat color.

If you have a chestnut or sorrel horse you may not want to combine other warm colors into the picture. Colors such a reds, oranges, and yellows won't work as well as cooler colors such as greens, blues, or earth tones.

Black or bay coat bases are a little more versatile to color match to. They work well with both cool and warm colors. Darker colors may not be the best choice as you may blend in with your horse a little more.

Best Pricing

Pricing for used horse show clothing will vary on many factors. How many times the item has been used or how old it is will affect the price with newer and more lightly used pieces likely being more expensive than older and more used pieces.

Name brands also factor into price. Higher quality horse show clothes tend to hold their value a little more than more generic clothing. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

If you plan to use an item for a longer period of time, it may be worth investing in something of higher quality. Something that will hold up to your time spent in the show ring.


As with any other purchase for horse shows its a buyer beware market. Use common sense when shopping the internet. Make sure you have some basic idea of what measurements and fit works best for you.

Before heading out to a tack sale, try doing a little pricing research for specific brand names. The more knowledge you have about pricing, the better your power in deciding if something is a good deal or not.

Good luck in all your shopping for clothing. When you find something that works perfectly for you, you'll enjoy it that much more when showing your horse!

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